RoXdon (TS-6) 8mm / Hi8 Tape Splicing Set

pictures copyright Runway Pro Audio

pictures copyright Runway Pro Audio

Example of Hold Down Tape usage

RoXdon (TS-6) Video / Hi8 Tape Splicing Set

Can be used with the following formats:

Video8    Hi8    Digital8


A Precision CNC and EDM wire machined High Quality Professional 8mm Tape Splicing Block manufactured to Industry Standards. Manufactured from high grade 6082 aluminium alloy, the machined block is sand blasted then anodised to harden the surface and to prevent corrosion and oxidisation.

The RoXdon splicing block can be used with our Hold down Tape to be applied as shown in the above picture. This method is far superior to other alternative ways of holding the very thin 8mm magnetic tape in place while splicing, such as cork faced levers, curved slots or cumbersome weights. The 1/4" clear Hold Down Tape has a special adhesive that leave absolutely no residue on the magnetic tape and is low tack so can be easily removed.

IMPORTANT: ALL RoXdon Aluminium Splicing blocks are chemically anodised to prevent the black aluminium oxide from damaging your precious tapes.

Comes with Splicing Block + 4 x single sided Blades + Splicing Tape + 66 meters of Hold Down Tape.

Supplied with an important non slip base as requested by Professional users.