RoXdon Tape Head + Pinch Roller Cleaning Fluid

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RoXdon Tape Head + Pinch Roller Cleaning Fluid


A set of 2 cleaning products for Reel to Reel, Cassette Deck, Video Player, 8 Track Player and other similar type equipment. Conveniently supplied in 30ml bottles.

The Tape Head cleaner can be used for regular cleaning of Tape Heads, Guides and other metal part surfaces with easy available cotton buds. 

The Pinch Roller Fluid is specially formulated to remove oxide residue from rubber or synthetic, capstan pinch rollers without affecting the surface.

The Tape Head Cleaner is self drying as it will evaporate. The Pinch Roller Cleaner will need to be dried with a fresh cotton bud and the process repeated until the residue is removed.

Both fluids should applied onto a cotton bud and not directly onto the parts to be cleaned.