Sonic Farm 2DI4 MKII Tube Direct Box





Sonic Farm 2DI4 Tube Direct Box

2DI4, now in upgraded Mk.II version, is a dream come true for bass players, as well as guitarists who record direct and use an amp simultaneously. It can also be used to yield character to any string instrument with a pickup (like pedal steel!), to make keyboards sound warmer, even to improve the sound of music players. And because it has both line and mic level balanced outputs, which can be used at the same time, it can drive a variety of inputs.

As with the Creamer, a single pentode is the only gain stage. The high and low frequency boost circuits use high quality capacitors and inductors to impart fatness or top end to your signal in a very musical way. 

A buffered “thru” output enables a long cable connection with your amp, without a high end roll-off.

A special DI transformer brings the output down to mic level, to drive consoles. A balanced line level output is also there for direct recording. We think this is the absolute state of the art in direct boxes.


*  Single channel
*  Design concept: (tube) pentode hybrid preamp
*  2 tube modes: triode and pentode
*  Frequency  response: 10Hz-­50kHz +/-­3dB
*  Maximum  gain: 54dB at the line output, 32dB at the DI (mic level) output
*  Harmonic  distortion: <2% before clipping level, quickly decreases if driven less.
*  Maximum line output level: 30dBu
*  Minimum output load: 600Ohms
*  Connectors: XLR DI and line output, balanced only
*  Instrument input: 1/4” unbalanced, mono
*  Input impedance: 2.2MOhm
*  Amp: 1/4” unbalanced, mono, buffered
*  Power consumption: 15W
*  Operating voltage: 110-­120VAC or 220-­240VAC, switchable
*  All supply voltages regulated.
*  285V Plate voltage for huge headroom
*  Gold plated printed circuit boards with a double copper layer.
*  Gold plated tube socket